Yog Shri Sai Security

Yog Shri Sai Security provides total security solutions for different occassions, celebrations, bodyguard services, commercial securities, etc.


1) Security Guards

Security Guards, this term conjures the image of stout personnel standing outside and inside the residential or commercial premises with strict vigilance attributes, to mind. Our agency provides such security guards to our clientele as per their requirements. 





Salient Features :

  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form
  • Well trained professionals to protect clients' assets
  • Properly checked and licensed
  • In possession of licensed rifle or gun issued by the agency.

2) Ex-Serviceman Arm Guards

Ex-serviceman are professionals who are trained in firing guns, especially for various kinds of surveillance purposes. They all are trained by our experts who are skilled in this specialized field. We also provide supervisors who are responsible for taking care of the tasks they are assigned to. For all kinds of security queries and other options for residential or commercial sectors, supervisors are the ideal contact persons as they run the system very well. 



Salient Features :

  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form
  • Each member works with the motto – surveillance is the key to security.

3) Bodyguards

Many individuals require bodyguards for their personal protection, especially VIPs, ministers, movie stars, etc. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services in every manner as requested through our agency. We provide bodyguards for commercial events, cultural events and political events too. Our staff is selected in a proper manner and are assigned the responsibilities as required.

The bodyguards we provide are being selected as per our provisions of minimum 5.8" height.


Salient Features :

  • Our bodyguard services are based on the requirement and the number of guards required by the clients.
  • All professionals are well trained in combat styles and provide our clients the absolute protection according to the situations.


4) Event Bouncers

Bouncers, security officers and door supervisors are well known for being able to manage events discreetly. They are not just present within the entertainment industry, but also are present more and more at private functions.

In fact, they can help to maintain a great atmosphere at any event, as they are skilled to deal with situations that may otherwise get out of hand.

We provide bouncers for commercial events, cultural events and political events too.




5) Security Dogs

Considering the capabilities of dogs and exploiting their extremely sharp hearing and smelling senses, the canine weapon, the agility and speed of movement and the psychological fear that the human have of the dog, who is hostile to a stranger and ever faithful to handler, dogs have proved to be an extremely effective guarding tools. That is why we also provide trained security dog squad with dog handlers for full proof security and safety of property, assets and life of any client.




6) Housekeeping

Every organization or institution would want spick and span interiors. That's where we come into the picture. We provide professional housekeeping services to a diverse clientele, that includes hotels, academic institutions and leading corporate houses. Spick and span interiors will create a good first impression on everyone, especially guests and prospective employees.

Our housekeeping services are designed taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the clients. We are able to customize our services based on client specifications. We use the latest equipment, tools and chemicals to clean diverse regions of the building. We always stay abreast of the latest trends in housekeeping so that we leave our competitors and rivals far behind.

When it comes to housekeeping, we believe in dignity of labour. No task is too low for us. Our staff members take great pride when they deliver these bespoke services. We ensure that our staff stays motivated so that there is no effect on the quality of work. Our housekeeping services are designed to give you complete peace of mind because it gets rid of all hassles. In addition, because we are on a quest for perfection, we always pay attention to the most minute details.


7) Maintainance Services

Every property manager and building owner knows that maintaining a well-run facility is a matter of handling breakdowns. Buildings are full of thousands of things that can run down or start to malfunction. It can be an endless task to stay on top of everything, especially when your day as a facility and property manager is already maxed to the limit. However, effectively managing the small things that naturally occur within buildings and facilities of all kinds is easier when you have a company dedicated to serving your needs. Yogshri Sai Facility & Security Pvt. Ltd. is a great resource to relieve your typical everyday building headaches.


Our Maintainance services include:

  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Carpenter Services
  • Weatherization on roofs and walls
  • Roofing maintenance and repair
  • Water Tank Cleaning.